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Commercial Flooring Glasgow

Watch our video of a recent commercial flooring contract at one of the Terex factories in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire. As you can see ISG Flooring Ltd provide every aspect of a commercial flooring contract, ensuring your company the highest quality from start to finish.

Pictures from commercial floor installed in The Terex Trucks warehouse shown the video above

“Used Scott and the guys at ISG for many years now on various different flooring and commercial development contracts. We always know we will get the same high standard of finish meaning we can focus on other stages of the project with complete peace of mind that all surfaces will be fitted to satisfaction. Reliable and hassle free service every time, thanks Norman, Thistle Retail Group”

Norman, Glasgow Business Owner

5* Review

Commercial Flooring Contract in Glasgow

Comercial flooring job at the louden tavern who have renovated their pub up to perfection through this lockdown at The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow

Commercial Carpark Floor in Glasgow

Commercial flooring job in Glasgow City Centre at Enterprise Rent A Car, 40 Oswald St, Glasgow G1 4PL.

Choosing the right commercial flooring in Glasgow

Have you heard the statement that “first impressions matter”? Then you know what that means
especially when it comes to finishing your commercial property. Whether you are building
your home to resell or it’s your office where you will be hosting all kinds of people; your clients, business
associates, financiers and such; the picture you project through your floor will tell your prospect your
worth. That is why you need to select an impressive design element; the lighting, wall colour, ceiling, floor and
all. The design must marry the practicality of the entire space.
How then do you choose the right flooring design for your building?

What ambiance do you envision?

When doing your floor design, there is a picture you envision of the finished place. That is what dictates
the kind of materials and even the professional you look for. If not done correctly, the general aesthetics
of the space may be hindered. Just think about it; what is it you want to achieve at the end of the day?
Every property owner wants their interiors and exterior floors and other parts to look impressive. Are
you looking for a warm feel, a floor that will help with sound insulation and a floor that will offer some
softness? Then rustic hardwood or a carpet could be a great choice for you. On the other hand, if you
want your floor to look modern and sleek, then materials like cork, stone, and vinyl may be the perfect
choice for you.

Check the amount of foot traffic

The amount of traffic that your floor space will need to withstand determines in a great deal the type of
flooring you need to use. Each type of material has its durability and certain wear and tear that it can
stand; this should form part of the factors you need to consider. If you anticipate heavy foot traffic, then
you may need to go for hardwood, high-quality tiles, vinyl or some heavy synthetic like rubber. If you
expect to experience lighter traffic, then porcelain tiles, linoleum and such may be appropriate for you.

Consider the need for future maintenance

Just like other parts of the building, the floor would need repairs once in a while and this will depend on
the materials you used for finish or the nature of traffic that you experience. There is also the regular
maintenance and therefore the type of material you choose will determine how easy and costly it would
be to clean the place. Would you love to keep changing the floor finish after every few years? Probably
you’d want to constantly change to a new design especially in a highly competitive industry like beauty,
clothing and design and such. If that is the case, then you may need some light material that will give
you some short-lived aesthetics as you change to another design. If you don’t intend to keep changing,
then it is only advisable that you choose some hard material that can last for years. ISG Flooring Ltd offers you a commercial flooring service

that provides your company with expert advice, helping guide your business to choosing the best flooring for your premises.

Your companies budget

When it comes to flooring, you have to get your budget right. Imagine having a whole condominium
floor to finish. One of the most important considerations here should be your desired outcome-what
kind of finish do you envision? If you expect to receive high profile visitors in that office or rent the
building to tenants that value ‘class’ then you have to budget for some quality floor finish. Do your
research; look for a flooring company that would perfectly match quality with cost. Budgeting gives you
a rough estimate of what you need to do the work and in advance. Thus you don’t have to get surprises

Consider the resell value

Your intention of building that house or property could be for speculation. The real estate world is very
competitive especially with many developers who have emerged in the recent past. Thus you must
ensure that whatever you bring up is market worthy. Finishing is what sells a house- a prospect will be
impressed by the kind of a floor that you have for your house and the other parts like the wall, roof and
such. Depending on your target market, you have to use quality material like hardwood, vinyl, stone
and such quality finishes that are going to attract buyers of all type.

Flooring safety on your premises

Safety is one of the factors that should always be at the top of your priorities when you are choosing the
material to use for your flooring. For instance, if you consider doing a gym for your school children, it is
only advisable you use rubber or some non-slip wood which will provide perfect shock absorbent
properties. If it’s a manufacturing facility, then you’d better follow the safety regulations as provided for
by the relevant government department. The commercial flooring companies have in place safety
measures that will ensure you get the perfect floor for your space.

The surrounding environment

The location of your commercial property will determine the kind of floor that you have in place. For
instance, if the area experiences lots of rainfall throughout the year, it would only be prudent if you get
a floor finish that is slip-resistant and one that will stand the wetness. Having wood flooring such areas
would only mean that you keep changing your rather expensive floor every other time. Thus, your
industrial flooring Glasgow professional should guide you on the best for your location.

The intention of the building

The clients that you intend to attract will determine the floor finish that you use. It could be a heavy
machine assembly point. Here you’ll need to have a floor that can withstand the wear and the tear so
often experienced in such an environment. If you want to attract people who want to use the rooms as

offices, then you can go for some moderately light and cheaper finish that you can change regularly
without a pinch.
Choosing the right flooring for your commercial building requires that you consider the bigger picture, considering many different factors.
 Selecting a competent commercial flooring company who will help you get the best finish, install the flooring for
you and offer ongoing maintenance with aftersales care that you can rely on.

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