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Commercial Kitchen Flooring – Anti-Slip & Hygienic

Commercial kitchens are facilities licensed as food service providers to prepare or store food. Since commercial kitchens involve a lot of traffic, the flooring should have high-level anti-slip properties to reduce the risks of workplace accidents such as falls. Additionally, commercial kitchens require high hygiene standards; therefore, the flooring must also be easy to clean.

When choosing flooring for your commercial kitchen, you need to consider several factors. It should provide a safe working environment and withstand heavy footfall and regular cleaning regimes. At the same time, you should balance that with the durability of the flooring.

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Types of commercial kitchen floors

Commercial kitchens are regularly exposed to heavy foot traffic and spillages such as food, oil, fats, detergents, acids, and grease. These factors can create an extremely hazardous environment, which is where commercial kitchen floors come in handy. Check out the types of commercial kitchen flooring below.

Resin flooring for commercial kitchen provides the best anti-slip properties. It is a monolithic and seamless floor surface covered with non-porous resin screed, making it resistant to bacteria growth. Plus, a variety of non-slip coatings can be utilized to increase the safety of the flooring. Resin flooring offers excellent anti-slip properties, is easy to clean; therefore, it guarantees extra hygiene and can withstand reasonable wear and tear.

Designed as a practical, robust floor screed, polyurethane flooring systems have extremely good chemical resistance with excellent wear, abrasion and impact resistance. Almost as a bonus the PU screeds can also be steam cleaned unlike many other flooring systems; although it is important to check the maximum exposure temperatures for each individiual product / system.

Flowcrete UK has been at the forefront of resin flooring technology – supplying both the industrial and commercial sectors with innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions to transform floors into fully optimised assets that actively enhance a site’s aesthetics, safety, sustainability and cleanliness levels.

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