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Commercial Kitchen Flooring – Anti-Slip & Hygienic

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Glasgow

The pictures above are actually from a garage flooring job in East Lothian, however, the terrazzo flake system installed is an ideal surface for kitchens, bars, and the hospitality industry.

What is commercial kitchen flooring?

Commercial kitchens are facilities licensed as food service providers to prepare or store food. Since commercial kitchens involve a lot of traffic, the flooring should have high-level anti-slip properties to reduce the risks of workplace accidents such as falls. Additionally, commercial kitchens require high hygiene standards; therefore, the flooring must also be easy to clean. When choosing flooring for your commercial kitchen, you need to consider several factors. It should provide a safe working environment and withstand heavy footfall and regular cleaning regimes. At the same time, you should balance that with the durability of the flooring.

Benefits of commercial kitchen flooring

  • Suitable commercial kitchen flooring reduces the risks of slips and provides a safe working environment for your staff.
  • A suitable commercial kitchen flooring such as resin flooring can withstand vigorous cleaning regimes with various cleaning agents due to the high hygiene standards required in a commercial kitchen.
  • Commercial kitchen flooring can handle all the heavy demands it is subjected to daily, from extremely hot evens to food spillage during preparation.
  • It helps prevent bacteria growth, which is common in food preparation rooms. A suitable commercial kitchen flooring such as resin floor utilizes wall products to eliminate grout lines, which can be a breeding spot for bacteria.
  • A commercial kitchen flooring Scotland provides an aesthetically pleasing floor to give you a professional look for your kitchen.

Types of commercial kitchen floors

Commercial kitchens are regularly exposed to heavy foot traffic and spillages such as food, oil, fats, detergents, acids, and grease. These factors can create an extremely hazardous environment, which is where commercial kitchen floors come in handy. Check out the types of commercial kitchen flooring below.

  • Resin flooring: resin flooring for commercial kitchen provides the best anti-slip properties. It is a monolithic and seamless floor surface covered with non-porous resin screed, making it resistant to bacteria growth. Plus, a variety of non-slip coatings can be utilized to increase the safety of the flooring. Resin flooring offers excellent anti-slip properties, is easy to clean; therefore, it guarantees extra hygiene and can withstand reasonable wear and tear.
  • Altro flooring: many people choose Altro flooring for the demanding commercial kitchen environments. It incorporates a resilient vinyl with anti-slip grains that ensure a safe surface that remains resistant even when greasy and wet. Altro flooring for commercial kitchens is non-absorbent, easy to clean, and most importantly, durable, offering you great value for your money. It is designed to meet a commercial kitchen’s demanding needs, from extremely hot ovens to walk in freezers.

Polysafe flooring is a safety vinyl flooring solution that guarantees slip resistance with high durability throughout years of performance in highly demanding commercial kitchens. Polysafe flooring incorporates safety aggregates in the vinyl to provide underfoot safety. Therefore, it offers anti-slip properties to provide safety in commercial kitchens where water, oil, grease, food particles are constant contaminants in a commercial kitchen.

ISG – Commercial Kitchen Floor Installers

Installing the right commercial kitchen floor is imperative to ensure the safety of your workers. Be sure to choose commercial kitchen floor installers that will take the time to discuss with you the specific flooring requirements of your busy kitchen. Look for a company that will install a durable, safe and aesthetically-pleasing kitchen floor surface.

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