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Dog Kennel Flooring – Animal & Pet Friendly

Dog Kennel Flooring – Animal & Pet Friendly Surfaces

Of all the pets that you keep, you will agree that dog’s deserve and need a litte more ‘TLC’, therefore when designing a suitable kennel, you have to be careful to ensure that the floor provides maximum comfort and safety. How would it feel if you lived comfortably in your home while your dog is suffering in some stuffy room with a wet floor? The materials you choose for the kennel floor will determine the level of comfort. Again, you could choose materials that would harbor wetness and disease-causing bacteria. Be careful to choose one that will keep the place dry and warm.

ISG Flooring Ltd have decided to make a list of some of the types of flooring you can select for your dog, pet and some other animals.

Wooden floors for Dogs

Grass and dirt are usually great for playing on, but when it gets to the kennel, the place can get muddy especially during the wet seasons. This would make the house unsanitary, harboring parasites that could lead to health issues. It is advisable therefore that you use untreated wood decking over gravel. Wood chips and straw should be voided because they can get spongy when they get wet. Concrete and wood decking is comfortable and perfect for drainage. Use some non-toxic paint to paint the wood to make it resistant to rot and harsh weather. Wood that I treated with toxic paint could poison your dog and affect its health and in worst cases, it could die.

Plastic floors

Plastic flooring could come in several forms; solid sheets, planks, insulated units and such. These materials have an advantage compared to others. Plastic is inexpensive, lightweight and easy to arrange. It is damp and waterproof and easily incorporates sun, mold and stain elements. What you need to be keen on is that the plastic made for the kennel flooring should be designed to guarantee against scratching. When you have plastic on the kennel floor, it is perfect in regulating temperature during the cold and hot months.

Rubber or bamboo

Bamboo and rubber mats are usually very comfortable and safe especially for a sensitive pet like a dog. You don’t have to go buying some expensive materials for the dog’s kennel; you just need to go shopping for large doormats like the ones you use in your house or the office. You can also check for bamboo planking or leftovers from building projects. Ensure that the materials you choose are thick enough so that the dog doesn’t chew or weather off easily.

Gravel, sand, and stone

Sand and gravel used in a kennel make the place neat and are relatively inexpensive. Stones, however, are not appropriate for kennels because it conducts heat inefficiently and therefore the kennel can get cold during winter and extremely hot in the summer months. The sharp particles of stones can also get into the paws of the dog and cause bruises.

Concrete flooring

Concrete flooring is considered the best for a dog kennel and this is for a reason. It is durable, weatherproof and easy to clean. For drainage, it is good that the floor slants. Again, you can have wood chippings on top for heat regulation.

When doing flooring for the dog’s kennel, you must consider materials that would ensure proper regulation of heat. Again, the place should comfortable for the dog and well aerated to avoid dampness which might harbor disease-causing micro-organisms.

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