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What is Epoxy Resin Flooring?

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Epoxy resin flooring was in the recent past a rare flooring option but now has become one of the preferred choices in the contemporary design schemes. There are several resin finishes that you can opt for; you can get a polished matte, neutral or bright and in whatever colour you prefer. The practicality in resin is what makes it a perfect option; it is stain and dirt resistant and thus the best option for areas that experience high foot and vehicle traffic.  Resin is also hypoallergenic and therefore a perfect replacement for carpets on floors. This type of finish can work with all types of underfloor heating.


What is resin made of? 

Resin is made from synthetic materials like epoxy resins, polyurethane. Before you pour it on the surface, you must make sure it’s perfectly flat.  

Resin is waterproof; no matter the intensity of wetness that it is exposed to, this surface doesn’t get weak. Again, its surface is anti-slip and this when you have it; you have minimal cases of accidents. The tenacity with this kind of a floor makes it last for long even with lots of traffic.  

Resin can also be installed on any substrate as long as there is no moisture or movement. It also adapts to the room’s temperature and therefore it makes the home warm during the winter months.  

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Where Can Resin Flooring Be Used?

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You can use resin for any room in your home; the variations of textures and colours make this finish and an excellent one for any home finish. Resin was initially designed to be used in the commercial areas because they are hygienic, hardwearing and easy to maintain. 




The following are some of the areas resin flooring is often used and for good reason: 

Resin Kitchen Floors 

Resin is such a glossy finish which has a perfect way of reflecting light around any given space. When you incorporate with the kitchen extension, there is plenty of glazing and therefore creating the ambiance of natural light.  

Perfect for Gardens

When you have used a certain type of resin for your indoor floor, it is only prudent that you use it for the open space at the garden. This makes the house look connected to the rest of your home.  

For The Bedroom 

If you are looking for a streamlined style of your floor in the bedroom, then resin is the best choice for you. Its minimalistic look makes it perfect for the bedroom and a practical replacement for floorboards. It will give you the warmth you need during the winter months.  You don’t have to keep opening up your privacy to strangers every time through maintenance since resin is strong and will last for long. Choosing another material would mean that every other time, you’ll be inviting people to do repairs, something that can be quite discomfiting.  

Resin Garage Flooring

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Factory Flooring

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Food & Hygiene Flooring

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Concrete Flooring

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Dog Kennels & Animal Friendly Flooring

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Why choose a resin floor?

Previously, resin floor was applied in commercial areas where traffic is high and where heavy loads are pushed. This is because of its strength and tenacity. Because of such qualities, many homeowners have opted for it and therefore it’s becoming popular by the day. 

Resin floors are durable 

Compared to many other laminates and plastic mouldings, the resin material is much more durable. It is stronger than any other floor finish laid down on a foundational floor. It’s also mixed with a unique sealant and thus no damage from chips, or cracks. The sealant makes it impermeable to water and therefore cannot be damaged by such. 

There is design flexibility 

Resin comes in many designs and compound mixtures. There are dozens of colours and textures for the resin that you can choose from. Thus you can tailor the style and the colour you want to fit the design of your intended space. 

With resin, you have a floor finish for all kinds of floors. The material requires less maintenance and its durability is unmatched. Get a good resin flooring contractors Glasgow today and get the best design for your floor. 

How to install a resin floor 

Doing it yourself may look less expensive but the technicality that is involved in laying this material requires a epoxy resin flooring Glasgow professional. You need someone who will do the work and give you a guarantee so that in case of a challenge, you can call them back. Unlike the other materials, you’ll need to spend more compared to other floors to install this floor- this is because it’s unique and the installing companies are not many. 

How do you maintain a resin floor? 

Resin is durable and quite strong so that it is the perfect floor for high traffic areas like schools, public buildings showrooms and such. Once it is installed, it strengthens the floor so that it can resist damage.  However, for it to live long, it needs care and maintenance regularly.  Following are some of the ways of maintaining the floor 

Cleaning daily 

Sweeping here is the main activity that you have to do regularly. You need a regular broom to sweep. You could also use some wet fabric to dust off the floor and ensure no accumulation of dirt. For thorough cleaning, you can use a neutral detergent and faithfully follow the cleaning instructions on the detergent’s label. Avoid using too much detergent, it could corrode the floor and thus lead to discoloration.  

Clean any spillage 

Sometimes, there could be spills from water, soup or oil. The best way to maintain a firm resin floor is to ensure that you clean any spills immediately before the damage is done. Keeping the spills on the floor could be detrimental to the occupants- one could slip and fall- and could reduce the strength of the floor with time.  

Screed & Polishing 

After years of use, the resin floor will most likely get old and won’t shine as it used to. That doesn’t mean you remove the entire floor. You only need to get the right polish from the experts and get a resin flooring Glasgow professional installer who will polish the floor for you. The professional will use special detergents to clean, polish and wax the floor so that it looks new and shiny again. Again, the epoxy resin system Glasgow expert can also do refinishing where the floor is cleaned of any stains and sanded. Afterward, the new re-glazing substance is applied.