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Warehouse & Factory Flooring​

Flooring is an important part of a building be it a home, warehouse or factory. It is as important as the structure itself and there are a lot of choices in this modern world when it comes to flooring. From long-lasting engineered floors to extraordinary wood designs, floorings are available in all types for any commercial buildings or homes. A good flooring, in general, will be smooth but will provide a good grip, aesthetics, and will be highly durable and resistant to liquid spills.

The different types of industries that require flooring are manufacturing, retail, automotive and aerospace, food processing, pharmaceutical, warehouse and storage, factory, industries,

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Industrial Services

Epoxy Resin Factory Floor Installers

The flooring of any warehouse or factory must be done considering the type of works that are to take place. Movement of heavy materials using a forklift, use of pallet trucks, food safety, etc. must be considered while choosing the type of flooring. This is why epoxy and polymer resin flooring is the most suitable flooring for a warehouse or factory and, epoxy and heavy-duty polyurethane flooring in the food, healthcare industries. They are dustproof, highly durable and comparatively costs less.

The different types of epoxy and resin flooring we install match the DM1, DM2, and DM3 standards. These help to repair damaged and worn floors, rebuild expansion joints, gangways and provide a clean and safe working place. Whether it is installing new flooring or the refurbishment of the old ones, we are the best people to do the job.

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