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Epoxy Resin Garage Floors

Garage Flooring Edinburgh, Fife & East Coast

The pictures above are from a job on Archerfield Estate, East Lothian showcase the terrazzo flake system product, ideal for high end garages, kitchens and bars.

Homeowners from Edinburgh, Fife and across the East Coast of Scotland contact us several times every week to ask for advice on which type of suface to install on their garage floor. A large percentage of the enquiries are from people who’s garage has only just been built or recently renovated to a higher standard.

After potentially spending a fair amount of time and money installing or renovating their garage, it’s both understable and apparent that people in Edinburgh and Fife (and anywhere else in Scotland for that matter) want a fresh floor surface that not only maintain the recent enhancements, but compliment and improve them. 

Often people are not sure on which type of garage flooring they want installed or what options are available to them. 

Much like commercial and industrial flooring and resin bound driveways, garage flooring is an area that ISG Flooring Ltd are well practised, highly efficient and well prepared for taking on, due to regular garage floor installation jobs we complete every week.

Epoxy Resin Garage Floor Installers

Over the years of installing resin garage flooring on a regular basis we have managed to improve on speed and reduce our overheads, therefore our costs passing savings onto our customers. High demand for garage flooring in Edinburgh and the east coast, has lead to us purchasing regular, high volumes of epoxy resin coating from our suppliers, meaning our customers (you) benefit from more competitive prices to install a garage floor in Edinburgh, Fife and surrounding east coast areas.

In order to get an accurate quote or to discuss the best type of flooring to install in your garage, call on 0141 280 6096 or complete our short website form below.

Worn out and damaged garage floor

6mm flowfresh pu system installed restoring this garage in Edinburgh

Commercial Garage Floors, Car Showrooms, Repair & MOT Centre’s

Although not as frequent, we are occasionally asked to install garage flooring in commercial garages in places like MOT test centre’s, car repair garage’s and showrooms.

We have completed dozens of commercial garage flooring jobs, many for large, well known car dealers and others for local garages in Central Scotland.

Pictures above are a 6mm flowfresh pu system installed in a Falkirk domestic garage

Old worn our floor in this Troon garage 

6mm flowfresh pu installed restoring the floor long-term

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