We recognise the unique challenges of the healthcare sector. Our resin flooring solutions are meticulously crafted to meet the demanding needs of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other medical environments.

In patient rooms and wards, flooring must provide a comforting and hygienic environment conducive to healing. Our resin floors are designed to be smooth and seamless, reducing dust accumulation and making cleaning easy. Available in a variety of soothing colours and finishes, they help create a tranquil atmosphere that supports patient recovery.
Operating theatres and treatment rooms demand the highest standards of sterility and safety. Our resin flooring solutions are non-porous and resistant to chemicals and biological substances, ensuring a sterile environment that supports rigorous infection control protocols. These floors are also designed to withstand frequent cleaning and disinfection, maintaining their integrity and safety over time.
Emergency departments and ICUs are high-stress areas that require durable and efficient flooring. Our resin floors offer exceptional durability and slip resistance, ensuring safety and reliability in fast-paced, high-traffic environments. They are also quick and easy to clean, which is crucial for maintaining a sterile and orderly space during emergencies.
Laboratories and diagnostic rooms require flooring that supports precise work while ensuring safety and cleanliness. Our resin flooring solutions are designed to resist spills, stains, and chemical exposure, providing a stable and secure surface for laboratory equipment and personnel. They also offer excellent sound absorption to reduce noise levels, creating a focused environment for critical tasks.
Corridors and waiting areas see constant foot traffic and need to be both durable and inviting. Our seamless resin floors are designed to withstand heavy use while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. They come in a range of colours and textures that can enhance the look of your facility, making these transitional spaces comfortable and visually appealing for patients and visitors.
Pharmacies and sterilisation rooms require strict cleanliness and contamination control. Our resin flooring solutions provide a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that prevents the buildup of dirt and bacteria. This ensures that these sensitive areas remain sanitary and safe, supporting the meticulous standards necessary for pharmaceutical and sterilisation processes.
Rehabilitation and physical therapy areas need floors that offer the right balance of firmness and cushioning to support patient activities safely. Our resin floors provide a stable yet slightly resilient surface that is ideal for therapeutic exercises and mobility training. They also offer excellent slip resistance to help prevent falls and injuries during rehabilitation sessions.

With a focus on hygiene, durability, and safety, we provide flooring that supports the critical operations of healthcare facilities while ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for patients and staff.

Healthcare facilities require flooring that can endure the rigorous demands of daily operations while maintaining its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Our resin flooring systems are engineered for longevity, offering superior resistance to wear and tear, chemicals, and frequent cleaning protocols.

By investing in ISG Resin Specialists’ solutions, you are choosing a flooring system that delivers long-term value, reduces maintenance costs, and enhances the overall performance of your healthcare environment.

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