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Resin Driveways Paisley & Renfrewshire

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Designed By Us, Bespoke For You

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Resin Bound Driveways Paisley and Renfrewshire

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At ISG Flooring Ltd, we install a resin bound system on every single one of our driveways, resin provides a porous surface ideal for water drainage. Resin bound driveway surfaces are manually trowelled into place by our team as shown on the video above. This means your driveway is smooth and has no loose stones. Resin bound finishes are perfect for the following types of surfaces;


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“I wouldn’t use anyone else. Highly recommend them.”

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Resin Driveway Installed in Paisley

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This installation in Paisley, Renfrewshire was fitted in Danish quartz which is very similar to the other quartz job above in Uddginston, however, this driveway has no border colour.

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Resin Driveways, Engineered To Last




ISG Flooring Ltd supply and fit resin bound drives on domestic and commercial properties located within a 50 mile radius of Glasgow. Since we starting trading as ISG Flooring Ltd we have installed literally hundreds of resin bound driveways in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Ayrshire, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, Argyll & Bute, Inverclyde, West Lothian, Edinburgh, Stirling, Falkirk, Fife, Perth & Kinross and across the Central Scotland area. 




As well as the amazing track record we have fitting resin drives at ISG, all of our team have previous experience installing resin driveways from previous ventures. Our customers often volunteer how glad they where to have found us, due to the bad reputation other cowboy driveway companies and landscapers can have. We completely understand this concert, and will showcase our previous work, customer references and contact information and membership with Checkatrade, Where Reputation Matters!








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Resin Bound Patios & Paths Paisley & Renfrewshire

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Resin patios and paths are becoming increasingly popular, when you see one up close in person, the reasons for this immediately become apparent. Resin makes for a far better finish than standard concrete, gravel and tiled patios, often having a longer lifespan too. Next time you are out walking or driving in Paisley or your local Renfrewshire area, pay attention to the increasing number of resin patios you see, considering they haven’t been around for very long.

The combination of rubber or  aggregate allows for more colourful and qnique designs. Give us a call on 0141 280 6096 or complete our short form below so we can visit you to discuss more benefits of resin patios in person.

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Other Resin Bound Surfaces

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Installin other resin systems like the safety surface shown below from a recent contract we completed in Greenock, Renfrewshire near Paisley. This is the grounds for a growing local business who wanted a long term and safe surface solution that does not require much maintenance.

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Anti-Slip Resin Stairs

As well as the obvious visual improvement on this staircase outside a flat in Paisley, they are now safer due to the anti slip properties resin provides.

We can transform a small area of a property such as this one, the same we begin works.

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Why Pay More For A Resin Driveway or Surface

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Whenever you invest in any more expensive and higher risk home & garden improvement, there are things many different things that you should put some serious thought and research into. For a new resin driveway, your initial design plan should take the driveway layout and hardstanding into consideration. The final outcome of your resin driveway will be determined largely by the quality of materials used to create the resin compound and how well it is applied and installed. Before you even start to think of the finish, you have to consider the base that you lay the resin on, which will determine the strength of the entire driveway structure. For maximum efficiency, always use machines and modern manual tools, digger buckets tend to do a better job. Whether you need to use machines will also be determined by the size of the driveway.

Whether you’re renovating or doing a new building, a Resin drive will give solutions to several issues year after year. With these, you will not only save money in the short term but also in the long term. This type of driveway doesn’t dis-colour and some of those who’ve used it go for a lifetime without even caring or maintaining it.

Advantages of choosing a Resin Driveway

The permeable surface

If you have a driveway that doesn’t allow for proper drainage, then, this will bring problems during the harsh weather. Resin drives are permeable to water and even air. This makes it so perfect as a driveway and thus many people have preferred it compared to any other. No one wants to install a driveway that they will keep repairing and replacing, nope and that’s why you should be careful- you could spend a little more on resin and save for the future.

Resin is compact

If you have tried a gravel drive, you know how inconvenient it can be. Not only does it have the potential to damage your car’s tires or even your friends’ but also will need replacement at least every year, something that is quite expensive and time-consuming. The resin drives, on the other hand, are bound with resin and therefore the no loose gravel. You only need to have it installed by an experienced resin driveways professional.

Resin’s tenacity

Resin is set in a way that is incredibly hardwearing and therefore it no matter the foot traffic or the many cars that get in and out of your driveway daily, this driveway stands strong and doesn’t wear out.

More flexible design choices

Unlike other drive choices like gravel whose likely choice is the type that you’re going to use, the resin has numerous choices that will help you personalize the front of your home. You can choose your preferred color or pattern of the resin you want to be used for your drive. The bespoke nature of resin allows you to choose the design that impresses you. You could go for a single or a multiple color drive. The most important thing here is to consult a resin-bound driveways professional who will guide you on the design that befits your property.

Lower cost of maintenance

Whatever type of drive you choose will determine the cost of maintenance. If you choose tarmac or concrete drive, you’ll have a hard time repairing and replacing. With resin, you have a permanent surface and the only thing you will need to do is regular cleaning with a jet wash. Again, an experienced resin patios company in Paisley will do an anti-slip finish on your driveway so that people don’t slip in wet weather or when being cleaned.

You need no excavation with Resin

Many forms of drives will require that you excavate the area before installing them. That would mean you have to halt many things for it to be done. However, resin doesn’t require excavation and that means many other activities can still go on even as the drive is installed. Preparation of the surface is less time-consuming and therefore you have everything done in record time.

How to get the best drive with Resin

For you to achieve the best drive using resin, you need to consider the following vital factors.

Use a reputable installation company

There doesn’t seem to be a clear regulation on the resin-bound installers but that is not to mean every other company can do the job, nope. You have to do your research properly and ensure you get only the best resin paths Renfrewshire installer. Ask friends and relatives for referrals, this is the surest way to get a good resin company. All you are looking for is an excellent outlook and this can be achieved by buying Resin from a reputable company and getting a good installer.

Use the right type of resin

There are many types of resins available in the market today. If for instance, you are looking for a dark finish, you will not need to worry about the UV light protection. However, if you want to have a lighter resin, then you have to look for one with UV protection. Again, the installer must ensure consistency in the way they install the resin so that there are no ‘lifting’ or patches appearing.

The stone size matters

A smaller stone size won’t allow for proper drainage and therefore you need to get a relatively larger stone. You can choose a full resin bound installation which will ensure you get the work done perfectly from the outlay. If you are changing your driveway from other surfaces like concrete or tarmac, you have to ensure all cracks are properly sealed. If no proper planning for the drainage, you risk having a crisis during the wet months.

Maintenance (or lack of) is paramount

With a resin driveway, someone could easily overlook it’s maintenance due to its perfect appearance. However, if you want this surface to serve you for the longest time, you have to ensure it is regularly maintained through cleaning which helps remove the build-up of moss and weeds. Without proper cleaning, the surface could also turn slippery. Maintenance will also depend on the foot and car traffic on your driveway; the higher the traffic, the more you should clean the surface.

When doing your driveway, you must bring several aspects into perspective; easy maintenance, durability, and installation. Resin drive is the most preferred surface for its simplicity and tenacity. Besides, you need to get quality materials from a reputable resin drives company in Paisley and choose an installer with experience for a great job.

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Resin Colours & Types Of Surface

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We offer a wide range of finishes for your driveway, which can be tailored to your individual specifications. Take a look at our range below, or contact us for further information.

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During your initial free driveway survey, We will bring examples of other resin driveways we have installed and catalouges showcasing the different colours & designs available.

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Resin Driveway Contractors Renfrewshire

As our trading name suggests primarily we are a flooring contractor who specialist in commercial and industrial flooring, installing resin driveways is an area which we have plenty experience with and something we would consider a “bread and butter” job. We have succesfully installed hundreds of resin bound driveways in Abbotsinch, Bishopton, Bridge of Weir, Brookfield, Castlehead, Charleston, Craigends, Crosslee, Durgarvel, Dykebar, Elderslie, Erskine, Ferguslie Park, Foxbar, Gallowhill, Gourock, Greenock, Houston, Howwood, Inchinnan, Inverkip, Johnstone, Kilbarchan, Kilmacolm, Langbank, Linwood, Lochwinnoch, Paisley, Port Glasgow, Quarrier’s Village, Ralston, Ranfurly, Renfrew, Weymss Bay and all other areas of Renfrewshire, with more new driveways fitted in neighbouring council areas.

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